i was siliconing one of my yoyos today and wondered why is it that pretty much everyone uses permatex flowable silicone (i was using permatex) and if you don’t use permatex why not.

I use Versachem Flowable and Permatex red gasket maker. They’re pretty much the exact same thing just different names.

As long as you’re using a clear “window sealant” flowable silicone, you’re good. I can get Permatex at nearly any auto parts start around where I live. If they don’t have it, they’ll get it for me and I’ll usually have it the next day.

There’s a few other brands. I’m just not aware of what they are.

so the main thing with permatex is that it is very common?

I think that’s part of it. I think the other part is that some other people have already done the “research” and have reported their findings. I mean, unless you need to figure out what you like best(which is a good reason), just go for what works fine for most. Plus, with red, blue, black and clear being so readily available, I think it’s great that there are some things we can do ourselves. The downside of course is the 24 hour cure time.

On top of that, we still get people posting about using the wrong stuff and having horrible results. I’m talking about stuff previously reported to not provide good results.

You’re from Antarctica?

I’ve used lots of different types and found no difference across brands. I will say that I’ve come to prefer clear over the red - it’s just easier to apply, even if it doesn’t look as spiffy.