Permatex Products


I know that the ‘Flowable’ kind works best, but they ran out of stock. Will the other Permatex silicones work as good? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
I got the clear one, if that makes a difference.

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It’s a bit messier, as it doesn’t flow and doesn’t level itself but yeah most any sili will work. I use all kinds of stuff.


Any gasket making silicone. Red, blue and black. I think they are rated for different temperatures. They also behave a bit differently as response systems. Try what you like of those colors, they will all work.

The only clear I’m aware of is the flowable window sealer kind. Then again, I’m not super familiar with their product line.


Dont do as i did, and use the bathroom-version which is rubberized (or somerhing like that). It didn’t hold up and it partly got ripped out when i threw a really strong sleeper and did a bind.