Flowable Silicone responsive?


I replaced the o-ring in my Dark magic with silicone and it’s really responsive. Do I have to break it in? :-\

(Zer0) #2

probably, make sure there is none in the bearing seat just incase


there might be paper under the silicone( if you baught the yyj silicone o rings ) check that



(Happy Samad?)


No I did it myself with flowable silicone.


Haha whip sound

As said in many a topic before, yes. Flowable silicone has to be broken in for it to be less responsive, but who cares. Playing responsive can really smooth out your play.


How long does it usually take for silicone to completely dry?


Or you can recess it. Use your thumb nail/pinky to scrape off the top layer. Pinky gives more unresponsive.

And usually a day will dry it off.


It takes like an hour or two for it to dry, but about 24 hours total for it to be completely cured.

(LookAYoYo) #10

how long does the silicone take to brake in. i had the exact same problem and i thought i just used the wrong silicone. guess i was wrong.


Ok it’s been a couple days now and it’s still really responive and I tried everything you guys said. :frowning:

(Punchline101) #12

if you can’t get ANYTHING to work, use a pin or something and get the silicone out.( I’ve done this before) 8)


did you check the bearing seat? if there is any in there it will make the bearing stick and be responsive.
did you recess the sili any? As mentioned before you can use a finer nail, I use the edge of an ID or credit card.
Is the surface of the silicone nice and smooth, or bumpy? If it’s bumpy then you need to redo it, if it’s smooth, just play it to wear it in a little.


Ok thanks I will redo it.