Flowable silicon

How do u flow the silicon through the nose cap? Do u have to poke a hole through the end?

You have to cut off the very end to make a hole.

What do I do with the access silicon inthe nose cap?

If you want a smaller hole, you can heat up a needle/pin with a large diameter and melt it through. I use this method. Unfortunately, the excess will go to waste, normally I will just use this trick to easily remove the silicone(credits to Trace!), after replacing the normal cap on the tube, stick long screw from the bottom of the nose and when it cures, you can take it out in one piece.

I use an infant oral syringe to take flowable silicone from the tube(think old time injection scenes sort of) and then use the syringe to apply into the yoyo.

Nearly no waste!

Why do u guys have these?

Lol jk don’t mean to judge xD
Can u buy them at a 99 cent store?

Haha, syringes can be used for many purposes. I think you may have better luck looking at pharmacies.

It’s an oral syringe. It doesn’t have a needle. It’s fat and has a good sized hole in the plastic end.

I’m a junkie. Before I silicone a yoyo, I tie-off and get that vein to pop. Then I remove the strap, put the silicone in the syringe and then put the stuff into the yoyo!

I have to try using an infant syringe.

My baby sister has downsyndrome and she needs a whole bunch of mediciney stuff so we have a whole bunch of syringes in my house.