permatex flowable

If you poured flowable silicone into a seringe would it dry if you left it out and if you put it into a fridge would it stay liquid.

A fridge will add no benefit. I’ve never tried a syringe, but you should try it and report back! If it’s FULLY sealed (with a cap of some sort and maybe even inside a ziploc with as little air as possible inside of it) it should be fine.

No. It will just take longer to turn into a solid blob of useless, but before then it will turn into a clear wad of silicone snot. Mix in small bits of green veggies for entertainment purposes.

I remove silicone using an infant oral syringe from the tube, then use the syringe to apply into the yoyo.

That is a solid idea! Do you manage to salvage the oral syringes or are they done after one use? If they’re done, how much do they cost per unit?

So how do you clean the seringe out

They usually just need a serious soak and rinsing. Since I soak and rinse them after ever medicine application use, they stay clean until the meds are done. After that, they are mine. Once they make to the yoyo maintenance box, it actually tends to stay clean. When I am done, I remove the plunger, then put it right back in and then expel all that I can through the tip into a paper towel(that I was using to clean up with anyways). Then I keep the plunger full donw. After drying/curing, the plunger tends to scrape the sides, and the plug that forms in the tip either comes out via pressure(SNAP and a trip through the air!) or I use a toothpick and push it backwards. I also have a small brush that I also use to help clean it out further.

When I get silicone from the tube, I push everything UP in the tube(it’s already rolled up) and then put the syringe tip in the product and draw it out into the syringe by pulling the plunger out. Kinda like a doctor dispensing injection medicines, for lack of a better picture.

If you buy a syringe, most of those are just too darn big, so small pushes on the plunger results in too much product being pushed out of the opening. I don’t have fine enough motor control to do small enough pushes. If you want to mail order stuff, it takes too long and you gotta buy too many. I’m sure if I were to look for a medical supply shop nearby, I could find something a bit better by saying to someone who works there “this is what I have, I need something pretty close to this”.

I like to do my silicone jobs in batches, so this helps prevent waste.