How do I get silicone out of my silicone nosel

So my silicone always solidifies into a blob in the nose. I was wondering if there is a good way to get the silicone out. Whenever I wait for it to solidify, there is still a gooey part in the middle and makes my paperclip all sticky. Advice?
And I was referring to this…
The part at the end with

Just let it harden over night then pick it out with a paper clip.

Put a toothpick or something inside of it before it solidifies and then pull it out when it’s solid

Don’t let it solidify. With the tube still in the bottle, squeeze a little blob out. It should be hanging on to the end. Push a nail through this little blob into the cone. When you need to use it again, only the outside sili will be hard.

Neat, Yoyo Kangaroo. I always assumed it would start curing all the way through.

I’ve always done the “pull the dried blob out the next day or next time” thing. It certainly wastes a lot of sili vs. Yoyo Kangaroo’s method, assuming it works!

I always unscrew the nozzle, recap the tube, and put a SCREW in the nozzle, so when it hardens the threads grip the silicon plug and you can just pull it out.

I never use the long nozzle. I just poke a super small hole in the tip of the tube and just pour using that and cap it the regular way. No issues that way for me.

This is what I do too.

Worth noting, if the silicone has already cured then you can drill the screw into the silicone and then pull it out though it doesn’t work as well as if you were to put it in beforehand.