Storable Silicone???

Okay, I have a M1. I’m using flowable silicone at the moment, but is it possible to take out the silicone and just store it? Then later you can just pop the silicone back in. Will that work? Will the silicone stick in the yoyo? Or will it fall back out faster than a slippery pig?

I’m no expert at making pads, but I’m pretty sure you can’t do this.

You actually can. Kim-Lan did this for me a while ago.

Where is she? So all I do is pour the silicone in, and then take it out? Is there anything special to spray in there so it doesn’t stick or something?

Mega lols… PAM!!! Im kidding for shizzle… I wouldn’t spary PAM into a yoyo… Try PMing Kim-Lan;u=70

I pmed her a long time ago about something else, but she never replied… :’(

maybe you could like line the the part where you put the silicone in with paper and then put the silicone in let it dry then pull it out?

Yeah, but then when you pull it out, because of the paper the silicone will be smaller than the recess

I’m pretty sure Kim-Lan has stopped yoyoing recently.

WHAT??? Wait, doesn’t she live near you?

I’ve done a couple of these off some wood molds.
And used double sided tape.


Im guessing you just sillicone it, then let it dry, then carefully pull it out and when you need it, use some double sided tape to stick it in the recess, like with YYJ silly pads its has a sticky backing

It’s hard to get out though >:(
I keep breaking it.

You can line the recess with a very small amount of liquid dish soap. This will keep the sili from sticking to the recess and make it pull out better! Man it’s a good thing I’ve made a bunch of latex molds!

yeah you can prob make a mold out of 1inch plastic with a drill press