Silicone Residue

Hi all, I just got myself some flowable today, and after using it, I found some residue on the extra tube thingy that you cut the tip off. What can I do to remove it? If it helps, the silicone in it hasn’t dried yet.

Do you mean there’s silicone left in the screw on tip? If so I find the best way to remove it is to let it dry and then poke it out with a paperclip or small screwdriver.

I put a properly sized nail into the applicator.

Is that process tedious? And yes, the screw on part that comes with the tube itself. It looks like a cone.

Into the tip of it? Or the part where you screw it on to the tube?

Not tedious. Just let it dry and then poke into the tip, it will pop out the bottom shaped like the cone.

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Should I stand it upright?

I take the applicator (cone you’re talking about) off the tube of flowable, screw the cap back on the flowable and set the cone on a piece of card board or whatever I don’t mind thrown away. After that I honestly forget about it till next time I need it. By then the flowable in the applicator will be more than dry. Pull out the cured silicone from the applicator, it’ll come out in one large piece and repeat the process of applying flowable to the desired throw.

Which way do you stand the applicator?

Just hold the plastic applicator and poke through the tip until the cone of silicone pops out the bottom. Simple.

Thanks Sniffy!

My pleasure.

If you don’t want to deal with dried silicone, another option is to not use the applicator at all. I just squeeze the silicone out of the tube and into the recess; once I’m done I cap the tube and, voila, no wasted/dried silicone.

You would waste quite a bit of silicone doing that. I just put a nail into the tip of the applicator.


How the heck do you do that? I just did my first flowable last night, and even with the applicator, I couldn’t help but get a little bit outside the recess.

Oh, and btw OP, I stuck a nail into the tip if the applicator.

I stick a baby oral medicine syringe into the flowable, then “draw” some into it, and use that to place into the recess. Less mess and waste. I use the stepped tip to hold the bearing.

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