flowable sili

do DMIIs accept sili? i keep on siliing it but it comes out in an hour. im trying with my Dv888 right now, but it needs to dry first.

well how long are you letting it cure? and are you cleaning the response are completely? because that could be a reason it comes put so easily.

perfectly clean, letting it cure for 24 hours. does humidity affect it?

I wouldn’t think humidity would affect it, try letting it cure for longer if you think that could be the problem. I would tell you to clean the response area but mineral spirit or alcohol may/will crack the plastic.

Alcohol, or lighter fluid wiped on with a cloth will not harm the plastic. I wouldn’t use mineral spirits, it tends to leave an oily film.

ah ok, thank you for clearing that up for me.

Erm… if you want… you can use plumbers goop… it’s just that I haven’t removed it yet and don’t know if you can…

For what? And why do you recommend this if you are saying you haven’t tried to remove it, AND don’t know if you can? That makes NO sense at all.

If you are going to recommend something at least recommend something you or someone else have tried and know works.