Flowable Replacement

I can’t seem to find my flowable silicon but i do have caulk. All caulk jokes aside, i was wondering if it will work just as good.

I’m not a super modder or anything, but I don’t believe caulk will be exactly the same. I asked Icthus a while ago and I believe that’s what he said. I would wait for him to comment on this for a trustworthy response, but any walmart will have flowable silicone, it’s very easy to get. But you have to be over 18 to buy it, so if you’re under 18 your parent have to go in and buy it for you. I learned that the hard way.

I buy silicone al the time and I’m only 15, the law varies depending on where you are. (I think, I may just look like I’m 19:))

I live in Illinois, and at the Wal-Mart I live nearby they make sure that you’re over 17 when you buy flowable silicone (and any other dangerous chemicals or automotive parts in that matter).

So I think it does matter on where you live.
When in doubt, go with your mom! ;D