Where can I get flowable silicon?

I know billybob’s has it, but they are out of stock.

Most any auto parts store should have it. I just picked up a tube from O’Reilys. Autozone or any of those will have it.

Unless you live in the north pole, why would anyone buy it online when it’s a staple item at the most rudimentry hardware store or auto parts store. ???

Any hardware store. Like any. But some stores don’t have it so you gotta search it in each store.

Ooppps, I forgot, you live half way to the north pole. :wink:

I’ve tried local hardware store and can’t find it. O’Riellys or Autozone has it. Ask for clear flowable silicone to seal automotive glass. Like for windshields etc. They will also have Rtv. Ask for Red high temp rtv gasket maker. Make sure u go look with them cause they don’t know what u want. They always come back with the wrong thing I walk over and get the versachem flowable just like clyw uses for 4 bucks a tube.

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