flowable silicone

could any1 tell me where i could buy it at an actual store, not order online? like som sort of hardware store that ppl have seen it at

you can find it at hardware stores like ace or at auto part stores its called window and glass sealer

yea they usually have them i get mines at kragens.

I get the “Permatex” brand flowable silicone at AutoZone and Wal-Mart.

Windshield and glass sealant by permatex is what I have. Got it in the auto section of Ace Hardware.

Walmart, Ace’s Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, AutoZone…




Hope this helps

what about using aquarium sealant flowable silicone? will it be different from the one used for windsheilds?

If it feels grippy and rubberish, it will work.