Flop Info

Here’s a bit of help if you are having difficulty getting into the second mount Andre shows in his video. I know it’s difficult to whip that string out there, even if you already know how to do a Plastic Whip.

Start from a BrainTwister mount.
Grab the string closest to you and there you go…floppage!


Try it from a Plastic Whip only grab the string farthest from you.
When you pull it back to you it should kind of twist, and bing! Flop.

Same thing with a simple Front Mount. Grab the string farthest from you.
Pull/twist and flop that puppy.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks Andre for confirming this for me!!!
You are Da Man.


when I do more Flops than 1 then when I let go it snags and won’t sleep, how do I dismount? P.S. don’t suggest Andre’s tutorial I can’t veiw it I don’t have High speed.