I’m stuck on the zipper, because i cannot seem to make my yoyo do the arking flip-like action andre does. how do you push/direct the strings so it arks like that.

don’t say practice, i know that, i can flip it down, then up, but now around

thanks! ;D

well id be able to help you but i dont really get what your saying, all you need to do for the trick is go into a braintwister mount, then you swing the yo-yo forward and bring your throwhand back, once it has gone off the string, thats when you stick your thumb out and land it on a trapeze, then you kind of do a matrix thing 8)

ok so when you do the brain twister mount, then you flip it and it does an ark to the other side, same with the end, you flip it over the top and its back to brain twister

how do you flip it, mine just goes down :’(

Wait, do you need help with the wrap he does? Look at this video, and specify what part he does it at, so we can help you more :wink:

good idea samad, so the times
same thing for the top, i couldent get times because he went to fast. yea, thiers the times, help if you can

You mean ARC right? Just wrap once around your thumb, then pull hard. Like why a rollercoaster doesn’t hit the ground in the middle of a loop. You need momentum, and the yoyo’s weight to pull it around.

no not the thumb wrap, i know how to do that, the flip over the bottem and top, like on the times i posted

the part you put the time for what you do is just make a loop with your index and thumb before you pop it off but make sure your finger is actually the 1 holding the loop first so that it goes around your thumb when you pop it around


well, that last video did show he pinched the string when he flipped it, so i’ll try that. can’t right now i broke my last 3 strings, and the new ones are supposed to come in the mail today…

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