Wormhole help???

OK, I’m working on wormhole, and I can do everything up to when you flip it up like the reverse ripcord. I flip it up, and it doesnt land on the right strings or something. I was able to get it up twice, but when I let go it isn’t on the right strings. Help

Here how to do the whole trick-

Start with a Split Bottom Mount as in Split The Atom and perform a full Ripcord. Place your throwhand pointer finger into the loop hanging off of your non-throwhand. Roll the yo-yo forwardonce similar to the begining of Split The Atom. Use your throwhand to push into the string and land the yo-yo doubled up on the string. (Doing Ripcord but backwards.) Use your throwhand once again to push into the string and land a triple time on the string. Drop your non-throwhand pointer finger and pull. Use a Brain Twister dismount to return to hand.

You said to put your throwhand in the loop- if I do that then how do I push into the strings?

After you put your throwhand finger into the loop, you need to move it underneath the yo-yo before pushing into the 2 strings

Remember, you have to hit both of the strings at the same time. Its sorta like getting into another split bottom mount, just push into the strings and give it slack with timing, and let it go in, Twice. Make sure it hits both strings both times.