Fixing the 44

My 44 axle is stuck in the yoyo and i dont know how to get it out any suggestions?

Contact yyf or yye and ask for help


Wrap the axle with a peice of towel or something to protect the threads of the axle and twist the axle out with pliers. If there is a hole on the end of the axle, use an allen wrench to unscrew it

I tried to but i couldnt find an allen wrench that would fit and the wrench wouldnt unscrew it

Why do you need to get it out?

Go to the hardware store and look at the allen wrenches/hex keys and see if you find one small enough.

Of course this is assuming the hex side of the axle is on the outside. You should be able to just twist it out with pliers. Like I said, use something to protect the threads so you don’t damage them! These are the only solutions I can think of.

use a drill

No. Bad idea

Why do you need to remove the axle?

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actually, this is my neighbors thread. turns out the axle broke in half. he just needs to know how to get the bearing out, to remove the axle, and where to get a spare axle

Actually, using a drill chuck to grip the axle is a perfectly fine idea.

Remove the bearing with pliers. Remove the axle with pliers or a drill. You can get a new axle at a hardware store such as Ace. Ask for an M4 x .7 set screw bring the old broken one to compare for length.

or by one from here yyn or me, it’ll be more expencive (although i sell them for $2), or go to the hardware store

i got the axle out so i need to by a new axle because this one i damaged the threads so it wont screw in right

ill sell you one i make

how much

$1 shipped just get a birthday card or something and a enevelope and put the money in it and the return address and ill make it and ship it