Fixing an original Yomega Lancer.


I have an original Yomega Lancer, it was my first real Yo-Yo and i love the old gal but shes pretty beat up. The end caps that the axle fits into are cracked all the hell so it wont tighten right. the string also doesnt bind right in the gap, it wont tighten on the axle so when you go to throw it just sort of flops off the string.

Any one out there have any idea how I might go about fixing this?



Sounds like the response system needs to be replaced. The caps can be glued together and in place if desired.


That was my first thought, but the build of this Yo-yo Is a little, unique. The response system is a soft core that the end caps and axle actually snap into. people say you can take 80 grit sand paper to it where it comes into contact with the string, but i could never get that to work. I have been thinking about carving out grooves in the core and putting some sort of response pads in, any thoughts?



If you’re going to that route, why not cut silicone recesses into it and then use flowable silicone?(Or RTV gasket making silicone)


Thats a pretty good idea. But I dont know much about flowable silicone. wouldnt I have to make the recesses deeper to help old it in? I dont know how thick the core is.