Fixed axle holiday giveaway! (All gone, thanks!)

Thanks everyone, but all the yoyos are now spoken for. Happy holidays!


Hey guys,

I have a bunch of wooden fixed axle yoyos that I don’t really need in my collection. They’re mostly sponsored/advertising yoyos that were made by BC. Nothing amazing, but they’re solid, play fine and would be a nice way to mess around with a fixed axle or introduce someone new to yoyos.

The best thing about them, though, is that I’m giving them away for free. :slight_smile: First come, first serve. You don’t even need to pay for shipping and I’ll throw in some cotton string too. (You can feel free to request a particular yoyo in the photo, but I can’t make any guarantees about which you’ll receive.)

[b]Please only request one if you really would play and appreciate one of them. If you already have multiple yoyos and/or the means to purchase yoyos already, please let someone else request it.

(If you’re giving it to a kid or newbie though, I’d like you to have it. Just let me know via PM).[/b]

First nine people with their shipping addresses (US only) in my inbox who meet my requirements get them.

Happy Holidays!


PS. Please type out your addresses properly in standard three or four line format. I’m going to copy and paste the addresses, so I don’t want to have to reformat them. (I’m amazed at how many people send me addresses in weird formats without proper line breaks or the states capitalized, etc… :P)[/s]



Wow man that’s super nice!! Wish knew someone who would e down to learn :confused:

That’s super generous of you!


You should post this on Fixed Friday.

(Sorry about the multiple BST bumps, but I’m hoping this is ok since it’s a giveaway)

Still have several available!

Also, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from people who really don’t need this yoyo. (Come on guys, if you own a bunch of metals already, you can afford your own fixed axle wooden yoyo. Let this go to someone else. Don’t make me check your BST thread!)

If you’re giving this away as a gift to a newbie though, I want you to have one. Just let me know in your PM message. Thanks!


Yoyos packed and ready to go to their new homes. Thanks guys!

Which yoyo did I get? Just out of curiosity.