Fixed Axle February Video Contest 2017


who will participate in this contest? I’m in!


Definitely in. I think I saw on Facebook that this year the contest focus is imperial shaped fixed axles.


I wonder if Ed is up for a month of fixed axel? Could he make it through a month? :wink: #fixedaxelforever


I’m happy,because it’s was my idea about imperial shape


I miss the Ed’s fixedaxel challenge :disappointed_relieved:

(ed) #6

I’ve sometimes done that accidentally and realized after the fact. :wink:

I love the imperial idea. So much fun to have that shape in your pocket or on your finger. I don’t think I’ll go in for the contest, but I’ll def enjoy seeing the tricks you guys throw down!

It would be fun to do that again! It was a lot of work, but really cool to see people rise to the challenges. I’d be up for it. Maybe I’ll shoot Andre a text. :wink:


I 'm happy in the thought that it is a challenge maybe again, thank you very much!:grinning:


The “Challenge” was a lot of fun. Almost a fixed axle version of H-O-R-S-E.

(ed) #9

Well, technically the fixed axle version of HORSE is Butterfly HORSE (Drew took back that ultimate honor at Worlds last year)… but that was definitely the idea. We could do it pretty much the same or change it up. Lmk if you guys have idea, as Andre and I are down to do it again. We will wait until after this contest is over before getting into it. But I would def look for it on the horizon.


I’ll try to participate the best I can!

I just started trying to do something with these, but I’m pretty pathetic:

FYI, I compiled all the tricks from Ed’s Fixed Axle Challenge here:,92392.0.html

Looks like I still have a bit of work to do…


Awesome!  I had a red with black stripe No Jive, ended up selling it (I think ed may have bought it, was right after I joined YYE).  Ended up getting another one last year.


I think the Imperial idea is great. Since I have many I will chose one and start practicing. Hopefully I will keep up, but unfortunately, I an unequipped to document and submit.
BTW I have the Tom Kuhn and it is great.


Ooooooohhhh the nightmares from Ed’s contest O_O That was the most grueling thing I’ve ever done.
Super stoked for this years FAF!! Definitely going with the Imperial as my throw.


What happened?


It’s all happening through the FB page, but it’s been extended to March 10th:,95850.0.html