Fixed Axle February 2017

Fixed Axle February 2017 is upon us!

Information can be found on the official contest page here:

This year is the Imperial Challenge. You can use any imperial shaped fixed axle yoyo you like. It’s a banger contest. See the rules below. They’re pretty much the same as last year. We are still working on prizes and hope to be able to put together some good packages for our winners again this year as well as have a raffle or two for entrants who do not place in the top 3. Good luck to the contestants!

Official rules, etc, so on and so forth…

  • Each contestant is permitted two entries - only one entry per contestant can qualify for a prize(s)

  • All entries must be submitted by 12pm EST March 1st 2017. No exceptions.

  • Entries must be submitted in a common video format to You may post your own videos on any social media format you choose as well, but we will post them to the contest pages for you. Please bear this in mind. Do not post your videos on the contest pages on YYE or facebook.

  • Videos should be limited to around 10-20 seconds and contain an obvious banger element. We understand if you need a few more seconds to set up the banger portion and will allow for that. There is no minimum video length.

  • All videos must include a banner we will provide with sponsor logos on it. It must be displayed for a minimum of two seconds. this does not count toward your video length.

  • The yoyo does not need to begin in your hand in the normal position. However, it must return to your hand at the end of your trick in order for the trick to be considered completed.

  • Facebook access is not required to participate.

  • Rules are subject to updates and changes at the whim of your mighty and all-powerful contest organizers.

Feel free to send a PM either here or on facebook if you have any questions or concerns. Prizes will be announced as they arrive and prizes according to placement will be announced once all the prizes are in our possession.

We got a late start again this year but we are still aiming to have a good contest and do a little something to give back to the community that’s given so much to us. We urge each of you to participate. Participation is one thing that lets our community grow and strengthen. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. Get on stage, make a video, take a picture. Be out there, be visible, do something. Thanks for your time. We look forward to seeing your videos.


Up. Updates pending on facebook.

I’ve been so frustrated with this! I can finally do my trick on a fixed axle, but I seem miles away from doing it with an Imperial shape. Maybe with the extension, maybe…

What? I don’t even know this is happening :frowning:

They extended the deadline to March 10th if I remember right. Check on FB page.