Our remaining competitors have been on a TEAR, knocking out 3 rounds of fixed axle action in under 24 hours. So, since they obviously don’t need the time, we will again adjust the time limit to reflect their skill. They’ve now got 1 day to hit the trick as shown.

As recently as 20 years ago, one’s yo-yo skill could be evaluated using a very simple rubric. If you were a good player, you could do tricks. If you were a GREAT player, you could do tricks WITH TWO YO-YO’S AT THE SAME TIME!!! Playing 2-handed is inextricably linked with fixed-axle heritage (plus “learn to loop with both hands” is my “Rule #1”), so for Round 14 let’s see…

Twenty 2-handed fixed axle Inside Loops!  :slight_smile:
Obviously, this doesn’t count the initial throws. Demonstrate control throughout and catch em clean! Vids due this time tomorrow (man, that’s much easier to say).

aw, I don’t have the yo-yos for this.

but I don’t has 2 of the same jojos.
Demonstrate control? ::slight_smile:

lol logi, i’ve let you use a modded freehand with weight rings while i’ve been using a no jive. make it work. i’ve got to think there’s a grocery or corner store somewhere that stocks a couple imperials.

alternately, if neither of you have the means to do loops (which i find seriously surprising at this point), you can agree to kill the round and go to sudden death.

The town with a store smaller than some gas stations that makes all its money off beer, chips and sandwiches.

Fished out some old imperials, but I can’t even do 20 with just my right hand.

Maybe I’ll force myself to loop.

whitmore sounds as though it may have some trees… how are you at whittling? anyway, your dad has a lightning, so you’re at least halfway there.

it’s a fixed axle contest! you had to know some 2-handed was AT LEAST as likely as something like archery flip or spirit bomb! you guys are literally making me sprint to get tricks to you fast enough to be a challenge!

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I got this though. :slight_smile:

^ I hope we’re aren’t irritating you in anyway by getting into this contest so much.

nah. i started it. i just have 3 kids and have to cook dinner, do dishes and stuff. 3 tricks a day maxes me out quick. i’m glad you guys are going hard.

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Totally understand! :slight_smile:

This contest is the most fun I’ve had participating and the two of you have made these last 5 rounds incredibly entertaining.

Looping is not easy!


Mebby I’ll walk to my mom’s friend’s son-in-law’s house, he has a lathe :wink:

I really had no clue this was coming, but if we make it past this, I fully expect some offstring.

Holy moly! Big guns!

Also, just out of curiosity, what was the trick that took you over an hour to get on camera?

Glad I’ve bowed out. Couldn’t keep up at this pace anyway!

Good luck fellas!

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i’m still holding onto a couple that around that.


This imperial is bent and is going unresponsive on me. The lightning is not responsive with the strings I’m using, and my proyo is broken. I tried modding a loop 1080 and 900 but I only have one wood sleeve and it didn’t work anyways.

Not that I can loop if it did.

There’s a good chance I’ll be able to pull this off, so I’m not opting out. Sad to hear that. :-\

Welp. I’m hoping for my fairy god mother to come and give me superpowers.

That’s totally likely… GRANTED!

I can pull this trick off… Dang it!!!

Wish you were near me Logi. I have doubles you could borrow.

on the one hand, i hate the idea of logi getting out on this. on the other hand, i kinda feel like that about either player and any trick at this point and i feel like on a round this deep, 2-hand loops is a pretty reasonable deciding element. (i was kind of assuming logi had at least a couple ignites on hand and that someone had a pair of no jives.) on the third hand, i kinda love the idea of it going to sudden death. on the fourth hand, i look like this guy. (thanks for this gem, rob liefeld.)

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