fixed axle battle: drew tetz vs. ed haponik

drew tetz is one of my best friends in the world, and one of only a handful of people on the planet whose challenge i would accept.
this is an all fixed-axle battle; drew used a butterfly and i used a tmbr. i think we interpreted the battle differently, but stayed true to our own respective styles. i think i speak for drew in saying that this pushed both of us to try some stuff we wouldn’t otherwise consider… so the idea of winning & losing becomes a bit silly.

but it IS a battle, so watch & vote @ sector_y:

Awesome, just awesome.

Nice one, ed.

Can’t vote. Both are totally awesome in their own perspective. You both win!

I couldn’t agree more!!!

Both impressive, but Drew was having fun and it was more fun to watch

My personal preference was for ed.

i’d have to say i liked drew’s vid better (which i wasn’t expecing to) mad props, both were sick but i really liked drew’s

lol nice butterfly knife

normally id scream necro, but, this is too awesome :wink: