First Yoyojam Yoyo

Hello everyone! I have been looking for a while and just couldn’t decide on what my first Yoyojam yoyo should be. My budget is $70 maximum. I also want a nice unresponsive yoyo, not a responsive one. What are your thoughts?

Really the only yoyojams I can think of in that price range that are worth it would be something like the theory or revival

Eh, not the Revival :-\ weight distribution wasn’t there.

I liked the Revival. :-\

yoyojam seems to be stuck in the past. for them dollars id getcha some onedrop side effect yoyo action.

The Dark Magic II was my first YoyoJam. It will always be my first love. :-* It comes with two bearings, large and small, stable, long spinning, and easy to learn on. It will cost you about $47, and leave you enough money left for lube and string, if you need it.

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Dark Magic II is the way to go with YoyoJam. Just switch bearings to the large one and you will have an excellent non-responsive throw. Many of us started with the DM II.

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Theory or Classic. If fingerspins matter, Both can fingerspin for over a minute… Maybe an Inspire because its beautiful.

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I really like the revival actually.

If I were you, and I really wanted a yoyojam yoyo, I would look for a used phenom or diamondback on the BST. With $70 I’m pretty confident someone would sell you one of these in good condition.

If your uncomfortable with the BST, and want something brand new, I would recommend considering a different brand–a budget metal from Yoyofactory, C3, YoyoOfficer, or side effect throw from ONE Drop.

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Thanks for the answers everyone! I got a Dark Magic 2 and it is awesome!

is ringmaster a thing?

Classics are 9.99 so people don’t bother to get the bimetal version for like 50 or whatever, I guess.