Noob here: I need to know what to buy next!

I bought Duncan’s Flying Squirrel and I’ve been doing some simple tricks. I still can’t land some A1’s because it seems to stop spinning too soon. Also, some of my Squirrels weights seem to be kind of loos inside and they make a noise sometimes when I shake it and when I throw it. Should I take off the tape for longer sleeper time?

I didn’t really do a lot of research before buying since i was pretty excited about trying it out. I wanna know if there’s any fix for my Squirrel or should I buy a new one? If so, which?

What’s your budget? You can’t wrong with most YoYoJams. Dark Magic is only $41 and comes with 2 bearings. If you know you’ll stick with it and have money to burn, go with the best and get a CLYW or OneDrop, etc…


Max budget 20 dollars for now. I wanna know I’ll be able to do neat stuff before I go buy pro.

I’ve had a few duncans, the freehand, dragonfly, metal drifter. They all don’t seem to spin very long Idk why. Idk what tricks you’re not able to land because of it dying quickly but I bought a yo yo factory ONE and its actually a decent throw. It comes with two bearings, one responsive and another unresponsive so you can play that once you practice some more. And at only 10 bucks its nice. What’s you’re budget though that would be a great place to start

Might i suggest the Legacy by yyj. I’ve heard it’s a great throw and yyj just released an improved version of it!

These get a lot of love and fits into your price range.

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YYF One or the new YYJ Legacy II

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Thanks for all the replies! I think I’m gettin either a YYF One ore a YYJ Legacy II for my next purchase. Also, how often should I change my string?

As often as you like. I usually change them about every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, depending on how much i yo yo. Or just when they look weak, warn, and well used. Some people change string every day for that “new string feel” but that’s not necessary really. It’s pretty much just when you feel like changing the string, but I hope this helped some.

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the legacy II and the One are both great options. they are both great because you have the option of the non-responsive and responsive bearings. That way, as you advance you don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a new yoyo. Which is great! The One is a tad cheaper…but if it were up to me i’d go with the Legacy II. Can’t go wrong with an Andre Boulay signature series :wink: but either one would be great for u. I’ll be ordering a Legacy II for my collection soon!

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I would fully agree with this. Although the one is a bit cheaper, if you have the extra cash you’re willing to shell out the legacy II looks like a great throw for the price. All in all, either way you can’t go wrong!

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for $20 i’d say get a yyf one or whip. the whip is better but it is unresponsive however you can double or triple knot the string to make it responsive the one is not as good it sleeps for less time and its just not the greatest yoyo. as a beginner though the responsive bearing will help you learn and they are both $10 so you could get both throw the one untill you get more confident and learn to bind then you can throw the whip untill you progress to something like a protostar or dark magic… hmm the Di Base is better than both DM and proto maybe get that as ur second as its $55 just so you know i have all these exept the dark magic so im speaking from experiance not just what ive heard is good. when it comes down to it most yoyos are great for a new player the yyf and yyj line are both better companies to choose as duncan do have good yoyos but most require modding and more maintnents (spell fail) i went with the yyf personally just because it’s what apealed to me so my advise is to just go with your gut pick something out and give it a try for $20 theres not much risk and when you get into more expensive yoyo’s they are easily tradeable if you dont like them.

go with your gut and always buy string 100% poly is great and change it whenever it gets dirty or knots or just looks worn some people change it every day others every month but you can tell when it’s worn…

buy at least a 100pack with your order try not to run out it sucks trust me

sorry for making you read this wall of text… :stuck_out_tongue:

For a little over $20, the Starlite is a great yoyo for learning tricks on. I like it much better than the Legacy (we have both)

of the yoyo’s I’ve tried in the under $25 range here are my rankings:
YYF One - OK
YYf Whip - good
YYJ legacy - better
YYf starlite - BEST!!

I run a yoyo club at our teen center and the starlite is by far and away the best unresponsive yoyo for under $25.

Pretty much what everyone else said. Personally I would think Legacy, but from what everyone suggested pick what looks the best :slight_smile:

As silly as it may sound, there’s been a lot of statements like “pick the one that looks the best”.

I have to say something in regards to that:
Your brain knows stuff on an unconscious or subconscious level that you are not aware of. If you see a yoyo that looks good to you, maybe there’s a reason for that.

I like sharp V-shapes, smooth lines AND organic shapes for the most part. My eyes keep bringing me back to these over and over again. There must be something to it.

But, for starting out, stick within your budget. Keep working on your skills then you’ll be ready to dive in as deep as you feel you can afford.