First yoyo for my gf?

My gf wants me to teach her to throw! Whats a good throw to get her? she already learned how to bind and split bottom mount so I want to get her something unresponsive and maybe plastic or hybrid? Ive got a few in mind but please lmk any ideas! Thanks!


For responsive:magic yoyo v sires they are some nice yoyos and great to begin with. unresponsive: still magic yoyo t5overlord good yoyo but this was just my opinion so take this with a grain of salt

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First bases are in stock in a couple places (competitors to yoyoexpert so no links), always a great first yoyo.


respectfully, I will never buy anything from magic yoyo i’m sorry. Thanks tho

If it was me, I would give her a few options and then let her pick.

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Out of curiosity why not?

I got about 5 different models for xmas when I was a teenager and was very unimpressed with the quality. And a lot of them are older and there are way better options on the market nowadays. They’re also cheap. And I don’t get my gf anything thats cheap :smirk: (kinda joking but not really lol)

In Stock and Its a great all a rounder under $20

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if she’s already breezed past the basic throws and catches and can do them with ease, i’d also recommend the first base, super cheap and really good value while still having that fun factor you need

I keep waiting and wondering if they’re coming to YYE… I have one already but I really want one of those pink ones and I need to order some string soon.

That being said, my recommendation is also the Recess First Base. Banger of a yoyo, plastic or not.

Just curious, why not?

I always recommend them to beginners, personally.

for responsive: origen is metal,shiny,and 20$.

for unresponsive: honestly get a hybrid with colors you think she will like. there is iYoyo iceberg or speedaholic FX(the signature variants have speckled plastic). or something quircky like anti-mono from sense yoyo which has plastic shell and very nice colors(the yellow is delrin and its what i have, its a looker). alternatively get luftverk 000.
or just shop around in BST some clearance sales have NIB listings for good price :melting_face:

AoE releases on the 20th. I think it would be a great option.


Id probably say shooting star or maybe area of effect. The first base is alot of fun but I feel like them two might make learning tricks easier in terms of the shape. For me atleast I really liked the machined plastic like the shooting star and speedaholic have compared to injection mold like the first base and AoE. I had trouble with injection molds like the first base at first when I’d slightly bump the yoyo it would die because the material is more sticky to the touch. I finally just got better with not having that issue recently. Machined plastic doesnt do that as much. Just a thought. I like what Henry said maybe show her some ideas of what’s good and let her pick.

Also I’m not positive the AoE is like that the way the first base is just assuming based on the material.

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I really like first base as a beginner yoyo

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Bryan beat me to it. :grin:

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