Pls help me find a yoyo for my boyfriend

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to buy my boyfriend a half decent quality yoyo for his birthday (maybe around the $30 mark) but I am so stuck and confused with all this yoyo jargen.

I have no idea what he used to use but he tells me he ‘wasnt bad’ lol and that he could do tricks like walk the dog and that cradle one.

As far as I’ve gotten all I know is that he wants a responsive yoyo.

So any suggestions would be very helpful! Something good for beginners/ moderate level but with the opportunity to progress to more advanced tricks. I’m not sure what a good material is so any advice on that would be great.

He is a very capable person and fast learner so hoping to get him something good!!

Thank you all in advance I’ve tried to do research but really didn’t expect there to be so many factors to consider.


Recess First Base would be my suggestion. It comes responsive with a slimmer bearing but also comes with a second, wider bearing. If he ever becomes interested in unresponsive play, it’s simple to swap the bearing out with the wider one.


@Isaac nailed it–I agree the First Base would probably be an excellent choice for where it sounds like your boyfriend is at right now!


Agreed the first base is a good choice


Yeah get a first base. The spare unresponsive bearing is a huge plus.


Agreed. First Base or Shooting Star are both great yo-yos in your price range and both come with two different bearings so they can be used responsive or unresponsive.


Seconding the shooting star. It’s a great yoyo. The first base is awesome as well. Here’s another few you might want to look at, all of them are great options.

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Halfway through the post I thought, Recess first base. The first base is definitely one of the best options for your boyfriend right now.

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I too would agree with the majority, First Base is the perfect yoyo for your budget and his skill level.

Best part, it comes with an unresponsive bearing and axle for when he’s ready to move on from responsive!

Good luck, cheers!

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I personally lean Shooting Star. But the First Base would also be a fine choice.

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Wow thank you all so much for taking the time to write to me!!! You’re all very helpful. I think I will go with the majority and go for the first base although I appreciate everyone’s feedback :slight_smile: