First world troubles often cloud our ability to...

Remember what we are thankful for.

So it’s my goal to begin here and I challenge everyone that posts here to dig deep and think of 2 thinner per post that you are extremely thankful for!

I’ll start out.

  1. I’m thankful for a wife that sticks by my side in the thick and thin, during the times of plenty and of lack (thankfully we these times don’t come around as often as they did once upon a time.), shebisbthe best helpmate I could have asked for in a partner, mother of my kids, wife, & best friend!

  2. I’m extremely thankful that this too shall pass! Nothing is permanent the good always passes (we hope at an extremely slow pace.), but hopefully gives way to more good in our lives, & the bad has a short shelf life it comes and leaves (remember when life is rough & tough don’t lose heart, because that situation will not last forever and it will give way to some good and positive in your life!

Cheers and thanks for thinking about what you are thankful for and taking a step out to share it here!

“Smile you just look better wearing one!”


Couldn’t agree more. Last year I went and did a mission trip in Haiti. Really put into perspective how trivial a lot of the things I worry about are. I try to reflect on it whenever my hbo go won’t work.

  1. That I live where basic medical needs are readily available. You can have complaints about our health care system, but spend a month in a third world country and you’ll thank your lucky stars that you have what you have.

  2. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. Sounds like 9 things I know, but I put them all in one catagory :slight_smile:

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Great POV, even our worst day is better then 80% of the world (being a little conservative on this number but I think it’s the closer to 90%).

It’s rely amazing what becomes important and necessary in life when you go to a place that has nothing… Less then Nothing, but in these places you find some of the happiest people that roam the face of the earth. It’s truly amazing.

Next up I’ll post some other things

  1. I’m daily thankful for clean drinking water
  2. And a roof over my head that wasn’t built with scraps and metal found in a dump or on the side of the road.

Great thread bro!

  1. Im very thankful for my mother, she has moved mountains for me and shown me all the support and love i needed, she’s amazing. She works so hard, very beautiful woman. She gave me life and im so thankful for that. She got me my dog for easter when I was 9, this dog has been there for me for everything, she’s 11 now, gettin old. I love Ellie May, she’s the best dog i have ever had, im so thankful to have her as well. Not sure what i do without her.

  2. Im thankful for the times i have shared with others. The good ones were always fun! There were some serious moments, sad moments, and of coarse bad moments, im thankful for all of these. Without the bad i wouldn’t be where i am today, without the good i would probably have no hope for todays society. I love my friends, they are more like family. Im thankful for all these good times on the forum as well, i have enjoyed our convos about toys and other things, its been real.

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  1. Mountain snow.
  2. Ski gear.
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Thank you for the glimmer into your world and what makes it go round!
Sounds like your mother is indubitably an outstanding lady!

Sounds like you’ve tapped into the real riches in life! Money comes and goes, things come and go, but its the people in your life that enrich and shape us and that is the true treasure and riches money won’t ever buy!

I am not fortunate enough to enjoy these things! As my back and hips don’t make room for them in my life, but I will say because of these things Ive become an office ski lodge fixture and learned to enjoy the finer hit cocoas in this world and get to enjoy these things from inside a warm spot :slight_smile: .

So without those I’d not be able to take advantage of such great things as are offered in the ski lodge haha.


yeah mannn, I just ry to enjoy my time while I got it. she is a wonderful lady haha :slight_smile:

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I will list a few things I am thankful for:

  1. Great friends. I have four or five really tried and true close friends, of many years. Not like buddies, or people I’m really cool with (I have those too), but people who would really be there, in a time of need. Of course I have their backs too. I think it is really cool to be able to pick those people out, when you cross paths with them in life. Family is cool, but for me, friends are even better, because they are hand picked to your specifications lol. When a candidate for “friend” does not meet my expectations, I give them the boot. We might still be cool, but to be called a “friend” is about loyalty, respect and losing selfishness. I have found that in a few chosen ones, and I am truly thankful for that.

  2. A sound mind. We are in an age where so many people are being diagnosed with some form of mental illness. It is sad, and a debate all it’s own, about whether more people are ill than before, or just being diagnosed at a higher rate. So, having said that, I am thankful for a sound mind. Without it, a lot of other things would not be possible.

Thank you for the perspective most just take those things for granted. To have a sound mind is liberty and freedom from the worst prison of all, the prison of our own mind. When things get all locked down on the gray matter cell there’s no master key to free the prisoner it just becomes a life of learning to live in crazy small and often strange confined.

Today I’m thankful for freedoms (even if only perceived in some respects) we have in America and the ability to choose our consequences (good and bad) and to be able to live according to our own drumbeat and not a dictated to us!

I’m also thankful that my kiddos are living during an age of mass opportunity!

thank you to the posters here, for bringing good points of thought and a value to the conversation that other wise wouldn’t be so rich!

This is my favorite non yoyo related thread.

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Be thankful for God and focus in general; there are so many wastes of time available nowadays that it’s no wonder why it’s so hard to focus on what’s at hand. As for God; don’t ever get distracted from Him, as He is the one who put you here to do great works.
Because of the language class I’m taking, and having been on a few missions trips myself, I’ve realized that I really like foreign people. It doesn’t matter wether they come from a 1st or 3rd world country, I feel like I have a connection to them and it reminds me that there is a lot more fun you can have in the world.


2.And a good family

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I’m thankful that I’m generally in good health and of sound mind. I’m thankful for the right to an education, up to and including heavily subsidised tertiary schooling. I’m thankful that I have friends who will both amuse some of my flights of whimsy and keep me grounded. I’m thankful that I live in a country where even people from the lowest socio-economic group don’t starve to death on the streets. Although I may not always agree with the decisions made by our politicians, I’m thankful for the right to peacefully protest these decisions. I’m thankful for my morning coffee and that I’m well off enough that I don’t have to think too hard about dropping $4 or $5 on a cup of coffee.

But most of all, I’m thankful that the world still has people who are thankful and don’t take everything for granted.


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Yeah, these resonate with me as well. I will have to append my #1 to include family and close friends. I have been through much of my life, and at times have been very difficult to remain friends with, and yet, now I am blessed with friends I know will really be there if times were tough, because they all were!

as for a sound mind, not sure how sound anyone with over 50 yoyos mind really is. :wink:

  1. A free yoyo forum where we can share so much fun! 3 Cheers for YYE!!

  2. Powder skiing!
    Mogul skiing!
    Tree skiing!
    Heli skiing!
    Cat skiing!
    Backcountry skiing!
    Adventure skiing!
    Hmmmm…must be getting close to winter! Oh yeah did I forget to mention,
    Winter! I love winter because of SKIING! Just saying. ::slight_smile:

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Today I am thankful for being shown mercy! So when that day comes I will know how to show mercy on another.

I am also thankful for each and everyone one that comes into and goes out of my life. Each person is ether the sand paper or the object being sanded and with each coming and going that means I am just a little more refined and have given a piece if me to the person going and taking a little part of the person entering my life.

I am in awe if how daily life builds us for those really hard and tough situations so that we can own up and ride the wave instead of bailing at the first sign of trouble!

Erik I thank you are spot on those are great things to be thankful for little brother!

Yukos thank you for your contribution as well! Very thought out and precise with your reply and packed full of amazing things that a very small portion of the world is fortunate to have. We are living the first world dream and we will determine the outcome based on the things you’ve said, with knowledge comes the ability to step out of what you were given to pick up whatever you want in life! True testament to the ability to become “self made” in a non egotistical and humble way!

And Rob lol I’d say those that are in the 30-55 category without a yoyo should check their mental soundness lol.

I hope this continues to grow so that it helps people center and remind themselves how much there really is to be thankful for!

Shalom (this word is so powerful and deep it simply means to be at peace with everything) my friends!

bringing back to the top!

  1. i am thank for for my wife and how she puts up with and supports me at every turn!

  2. i am also thankful for happy and healthy doggy mama and puppies (not so thankful for the huge expense but if it means my pups were a-ok then i am willing to fork it over)

  3. i am also thankful for the vast amount of info we have available to us in this country if we want to grab hold of it. some countries arent as open about what they can learn.

so what are you peeps grateful for today?

today i’m thankful for

  1. Neighbors that are willing to help out at the drop of a hat, i fell down last night when my hip gave out and they are the saving grace behind not having to have the EMTs come and scrape me off the porch.

  2. I’m grateful for a bed that is soft and comforting when there are pains and issues beyond my control

  3. I am thankful and grateful for such an amazing community of people in the yoyo community each and everyone of you that have touched my life, added some knowledge, and made me laugh, or feel good with a compliment. you all are special and worthy of being honored. Thank you for being you and thank you for offering yourself to a community that really needs more people like you! and you all know who you are, but if you need me to give shout outs i can do that!

  • a grateful person for all that has come my way even the hardships and rollercoasters in life!

so to those that are reading this i ask today what are you thankful and grateful for?

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Thank you for this thread, Snafu. There’s one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Life is kind of like riding a motorcycle. If you have ever taken the wrong line around a corner too fast and find yourself heading into the other lane you will know what I’m talking about. Where you focus and look is where you will go. You have to focus on where you want to go despite the fact that your mind is screaming for you to look at the car you are about to become one with. Being thankful puts you on the right path away from the disaster.

I have trouble being genuine with people. I hide behind humor and/or sarcasm, or just plain hide. I’m trying to grow out of that, because I’m desperately sick of being a liar, afraid to share my heart for fear of rejection. I guess I’m ready to accept people not liking me for who I am instead of the stupid front I put forward. Here goes nothing.

I’m thankful for mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love that I have found in Jesus. My father took his own life when I was young and things at home were not so good, and I was on the path of self destruction filled with anger and hate when God turned my life around and gave me hope and love when there was none for any person on this planet.

I’m thankful for my wife and wonder why she loves me especially when we first met. I was a complete wreck. I had nothing but a backpack of possessions and the propensity for trouble. Thankful that she has stayed by my side for 15 years through it all. She is a saint, in my estimation. I’m not an easy person to love, and often not easy to even be around. I am hyper-sensitive, emotional, intense, push people away, often irrational and downright selfish a lot of times, just to name a few reasons. When I act a fool, she doesn’t act a fool back, and that shames me and convicts my heart of guilt more than any chastisement ever could. What an example to follow! Seriously, I won the lottery when it comes to spouses and I pray that I can learn to love as freely/honestly as she does. I’m thankful for my two incredible children that have taught me invaluable life lessons that I could not have learned otherwise. I didn’t even have a hint of what self sacrifice was until these precious little treasures stole my heart 13 years ago.

I’m thankful for my dogs, and all the animals that have been such a comfort and joy in my life.

Sorry if I made anybody uncomfortable by sharing. I know I am uncomfortable with it so you probably are too. ;D

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