First Video - Stairs

My first vid. Check It out and enjoy. Thanks for watching!

I really dig it man , my first video was horrible lol

Pretty groovy!

Just one thing. Work on your flow a bit. There shouldn’t really be any pausing in your motions, unless you’re trying to show us a formation or something.

Otherwise, you’re doing great. I’m looking forward to watching more :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Yeah J. Lev, some of It Is a formation but I do need to work on my flow some. Appreciate the tips man!

Cool ;D what yo are you using?

1:45 how do you dismount?

nice! how long have u been throwing?

Darxun - I’m using a Yoyofactory Protostar. One of my favorite plastics!

geckoguy05 - I made this trick up on the spot ha ha. Finally figured out how I did It. You kinda have to wiggle It out and then just drop everything to dismount.

guitaryo - Next month will be 3 years!

Awesome stuff! Keep it up!