First time at a yo-yo Club

Today was my first day attending an in person yo-yo Club. It was super exiting. I wore one of my favorite ties and made sure to shine my shoes before headin’ off to meet real yo-yo players! I packed my yo-yo case with some decent throws and extra string and stuff I would need for my yo-yos. Once I got to the yo-yo Club not many folks showed up but right in the smack center was Mr. Justin Dauer! (Yuh know the sponsored Duncan player.) he’s doin’ some awesome tricks that I’ve never seen! It was amazing also right beside him was his Mother Mrs. Michelle Dauer and I gotta say first off she’s really good at yo-yo second she’s got a really caring and nice personality. Her son Justin has funny and energetic personality that should defiantly be charming and just plain fun to most folks who meet him. Well There I am Mr.Fantastiq of the 1920s chillin’ with two real life yo-yo players. My oh my it’s defiantly cool. I chat with them a bit about yo-yos and such and then Mrs. Dauer kindly gifts me one of her own yo-yos! (I was overjoyed by this act of kindness) I was very happy and grateful to add a new swell yo-yo to my collection although I don’t know the name of the throw I received? Anyway later on three other yo-yo folks show up and I introduce myself in my special 1920s persona sort of a way. They give me a strange look (it’s to be expected I mean I’m very different and not everybody is gonna be dazzled by a 1920s fella in the 2020s era and that’s okay) I made small talk with them ,but then they mainly chatted with Justin the Duncan representative. For the whole time at yo-yo club no one else showed up. I reckon folks were just busy and couldn’t make it on this specific day. I personally chatted a lot with Mrs. Dauer about yo-yos and life in general while I practiced some of my swell tricks. It was extremely good to talk to another yo-yo player in person I mean up until this point I had never seen another yo-yo player in person. I gotta admit seein’ them other players do amazing tricks in front of me really did make me feel like a complete shrimp but then I realized these fellas have been doin’ yo-yo tricks for many many moons and I’ve only been at it for a year(I reckon everyone’s gotta start somewhere and that’s a nice thing to know for anything really) In conclusion I really did have an amazing first yo-yo Club meet and I really hope I can go again sometime to once again see my fellow swell yo-yo players.


Anyone know what the name of this particular Yo-yo is?


Freshly Dirty?


That sounds like a cool experience you had! Keep going. Every person counts. They probably thought no one would show up and when they saw someone from the 1920s walk in I am sure it made their day! Very cool yoyo!


That’s an awesome first time. I’ve only been to 2 yoyo events and I mostly kept to myself. :dizzy_face:

That yoyo is a Freshly Dirty - Moldy Bread. And not in any of the production colors, maybe a proto or team edition.