first throw?


anyone remember their first performance yoyo?
I think mine was a super-yo Revolution. :smiley:
what about you guys?


My first yoyo with a bearing was the Yomega Hotshot. But my first ‘modern’ yoyo was the Dv888.


Yomega Brain, back in like… the 90s. No exact date.

(YoYo_Freak) #4

Metal Drifter.


first bearing

learnt atom smasher, cold fusion etcetc on this

first butterfly:

think I was learning stuff like spirit bomb/white buddah II etc on this


a silver yomega maverick, and then a DMII


yomega avenger


Me too! A black Maverick, then a white DMII, back in April.




a duncan freehand1 was my first “string trick” yoyo. if you count a yomega fireball as a “trick yoyo” then that was my first


First solid axle: Duncan butterfly
First transaxle: yomega power brain XP wing with smart switch
First bearing : Duncan mosquito/ yomega maverick (bought at same time)
First high quality: modded Duncan drifter ( I only say this because I bought mine the day they were put on the shelves at toysrus, before anyone else sold them. I immediately put a kk in it that I had on my mosquito and dif pads. Still plays like my high ends and it got me through all of yye tutorials.
First expensive yoyo: burning ember code 2.


Is that where yoyoavenger comes from? Your first yoyo? I had to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

And my first yoyo I got was a Duncan Imperial and a Duncan Butterfly. The first yoyo I could do tricks on easily and learn a lot from was a Yomega Raider and my first wing shaped yoyo was a Duncan Metal Drifter.