first throw?

anyone remember their first performance yoyo?
I think mine was a super-yo Revolution. :smiley:
what about you guys?

My first yoyo with a bearing was the Yomega Hotshot. But my first ‘modern’ yoyo was the Dv888.

Yomega Brain, back in like… the 90s. No exact date.

Metal Drifter.

first bearing

learnt atom smasher, cold fusion etcetc on this

first butterfly:

think I was learning stuff like spirit bomb/white buddah II etc on this

a silver yomega maverick, and then a DMII

yomega avenger

Me too! A black Maverick, then a white DMII, back in April.


a duncan freehand1 was my first “string trick” yoyo. if you count a yomega fireball as a “trick yoyo” then that was my first

First solid axle: Duncan butterfly
First transaxle: yomega power brain XP wing with smart switch
First bearing : Duncan mosquito/ yomega maverick (bought at same time)
First high quality: modded Duncan drifter ( I only say this because I bought mine the day they were put on the shelves at toysrus, before anyone else sold them. I immediately put a kk in it that I had on my mosquito and dif pads. Still plays like my high ends and it got me through all of yye tutorials.
First expensive yoyo: burning ember code 2.

Is that where yoyoavenger comes from? Your first yoyo? I had to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

And my first yoyo I got was a Duncan Imperial and a Duncan Butterfly. The first yoyo I could do tricks on easily and learn a lot from was a Yomega Raider and my first wing shaped yoyo was a Duncan Metal Drifter.