First Silicone Job

This is my first time so tell me if it is ok.

Impossible to tell by looking at it. You’ll know if it’s good by how it binds. Make sure you let it sit for 24 hrs after fresh sili.

If you know what to look for, you can tell by just looking at it. Quite easily actually.

The first defining characteristic is the absences of bubbles. The fewer bubbles, the better. Only a few genies in the yoyo community can do a silicone job with absolutely no bubbles, so it’s fine is you have a few.

The second really important thing is if the silicone; is smooth and level. You can use an old credit card or a spoon to help smooth things out.

And finally, whether or not the silicone is flush with the yoyo wall. General, being perfectly flush or just the tiniest bit under is preferred. Again, use an old credit card.

From what I can tell,your first silicone looks well done. However, the pictures aren’t exactly in the highest of definitions. If it fits all of these categories, you’re all good.

Thanks it seems to be good i tried my velocity also but i messed up on it.

Looks good.

Really? My recesses don’t have bubbles and I am no genie.

I actually just re-siliconed one of my throws a couple days ago, plays amazingly.

Thanks and I think it plays a little bit better with silicone and the binds are good.

Looks good to me. C=

Looks pretty good man! way better than my first sili job. Personally i prefer the clear flowable kind instead of the blue or red rtv stuff. The clear is easier to apply, lasts longer and gives better binds. (in my opinon)

super good job man!!!
You’ll notice that every time you do it you get ALOT better. The key is patience and to do it slow. Remember that no matter what you wont be able to play it for 12-24 hours so there is no point in rushing it. Way to go man!