GE Silicone II Kitchen and Bath review

This is the first silicone I used, I have since moved on to rtv gasket maker.

Smell: The smell is nauseating…It kind of reminds me of the time laundry softener spilled in my car, you could pass out on a long drive. If you take to long siliconing, then you sir, shall have an unconditional nap…

look: It’s clear, thats it, pretty hard to see.

Texture/on a pour:I don’t know how to describe the texture of this silicone. It’s…different. Silicone is either regular or flowable. This silicone is liquid yet solid at the same time. This makes pouring the silicone a complicated process. Some times you get liquid, sometimes you get solid silicone, sometimes the silicone jams. After spreading, the liquidy nature makes the silicone go everywhere. The silicone is incredibly easy to pierce. When cleaning, the stuff doesn’t want to come out. After 5 cleanings, I still have a small small portion of silicone in my bearing seat.

Drying time: The silicone will solidify in a few hours but takes 24 hours to cure, and even then, you might want to keep it a few days longer, you’ll see why.

Durability: No…just…no… This stuff wasn’t meant for high friction. The first time I used the silicone, I waited 3 hours the silicone fell out (well, most silicone will do the same). The next time, 18 hours, It fell out within 10 minutes. 19 hours, oh my god! this silicone is finally working. I carry my freshly siliconed legacy with me everywhere the whole day. When I get home from my festivity, I throw a sleeper and when I bind, It slips. “hmm, thats odd…” I open up the yoyo, and what do you think I see? The silicone fell out…T_T… 20-23 hours…it fell out. Finally, I tried 24 hours. IT WORKED! I was so happy the silicone didn’t fall out, I carried it with me everywhere again. I carried it to the beach to give my legacy a fresh satin job, when I got home, what do you know…IT FELL OUT!

Overall: If you are a carpenter, DITTO. If you are trying to take a nap DITTO. If you are trying to silicone a yoyo NONO!

I use this stuff in my Dv888 and it works GREAT. It lasted about 2 or 3 weeks.
Just don’t recess it.

Also, it’s very easy to clean-even easier to clean on a plastic! Just Get a safety pin and clean the bearing seat.

Oh yeah and it fell out a lot before 24 hours because on the tube it clearly says that it takes 24 hours to fully cure.

Oh yeah, about the silicone being solid sometimes and liquid sometimes, that’s wierd. Mine USED to to that until i figured out the tip was jammed. I cleared it up and BAM! The silicone always comes out perfect.

You might have gotten Defective silicone, I would bring it back to the store if you can and get a new one. Or Just stick to the High-Temp RTV, I heard it works better.

this works great on my Dv888 like he said but it sucks in my plastic yoyo’s so i’m just gonna use it in my dv888 till its gone. what is a good brand that sticks well to plastic?