First person to reply...

Gets a free yoyojam sticker.





Do I get it?


Evan has won!

PM your address Evan and Ill send it right out!

And for those thinking: Wait? Huh? What was that?
I used to do tiny mini giveaways on another forum way back when,
Often First or 4th person to reply kind of deals, look out for em!


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Cool. I guess I’m in before the lock?

Addment: I guess you won’t ship internationally?

I can for these contest :slight_smile:

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If only you were as interested in participating in your own forum as you are coming up with silly contests…

You know, Jayyo, you are a talented yo-yo expert. It is pity to see you spend your time with this kind of nonsense and just let your own area of expertise fall by the wayside. There are plenty of people who I’m sure would benefit from what you could contribute to “2A Mastery” which I assume is important to you or else you wouldn’t have your site…any idiot can give away stickers.

i dont know how to up load videos or else i would of joined

that’s right jayyo. stop having fun and getting others enthused about yoyoing and start getting all serious and focus on your craft so you can make a job out of it.

lighten up, orp. he’s a kid and he’s having fun doing something he loves. the best way to kill a talent is by sucking all the fun and inspiration out of it making it work and something that HAS to be done. how time consuming can these ‘silly’ contests be? besides, what better way is there to make connections, study new tricks, help people out, practice judging, be inspired and get new ideas, and employ a whole list of managerial and social skills than to hold a contest and be the sole manager of it?

jayyo frickin’ rocks and his contributions are positive and provide self-fulfillment. i hope he keeps it up.

one more thing–your comment should have been a pm. it’s NONSENSE to try and drag someone down on a PUBLIC forum with a PERSONAL comment.


Well, wcrase, I don’t feel I am being personal as much as critical at most. I’m sure he’s a great guy, I’m not denying his right to have fun, but isn’t there any fun in helping others at one’s own site?

Maybe being a 2A Master isn’t fun - you only use one yo-yo model, 98% of yo-yo enthusiasts aren’t interested, it is a lot harder to work on form then mechanics, etc., I really don’t know. I do know that it is a great enjoyment learning, and is at least as entertaining as any other class.

I also know that there is nowhere online to get any kind of response, perhaps a little ironic in an activity that is all about response, from somebody who can actually loop. I’m content to teach myself, but it sure is disappointing, that’s all. Sorry if I interrupted anybody’s bliss around here, I’m sure you’ll get it back…

Dude its his time he isn’t wasting it. If Josh wants to do this than let him.

Keep it spinning™

Gotta tell ya, this just isn’t going to fly here.

At the very least, this should have been said in a PM.


so true.

(thats pretty chicken orp)

See this is what I don’t get. Have you read the posts Jayyo has made about 2a. He does give great advice. There’s also a lot of nice people on this, and other forums that will help you out if you ask. And I think Jayyo should do whatever he wants to, because he does it right. And there is always enough to learn from the internet. I should know that just as good as anyone else. The internet has taught me every single trick I know. And it is not only the tricks, it’s the knowledge as well. Facts from other posters, shops and yoyowiki in addition to simple logics have given me the knowledge I have as of today. If you really want to find the information, you have to look or ask for it. It won’t come slapping in your face.

And being a 2a master must be fun. Fun does not come with other people’s interest. The fun is in 2a. That’s why people do it.

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You’re right dude. You’re only allowed to be at one site in your entire life.

You’re the smartest guy I know.

wcrease, you’re a genius!