Thank you YYJ for donating 50 Speed Makers

I emailed YYJ asking if they would donate some yoyos for a missions trip to Mexico, THEY DID!!!

I tought two classes throughout the week and the hardest part was having them understand string tension.

I will type moere but I freajking hate this keyboard on the hotels computer and I’m in a hurry.

Thanks YYJ!

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50 speedmakers? That’s a lot of yoyo.

Anyways, it’s totally awesome that you did that. How many students were there? What was the average age? Was anyone unusually talented?

That was very nice of them. :slight_smile:

It’s good to see company’s giving back to the community. ;D

That’s so awesome, way to go YYJ supporting the community :slight_smile:

I gave all 50 away and the children ranged from 4-15.
The best instant talent kid I saw was five. I actually had to teach him the breakaway

it’s nice to show gratitude, but I wouldn’t do it publically, beause if they can handle a few requests like this one, I doubt they would be open to everyone and his cousin asking. YYJ are not the only brand who does stuff like that. But personally I don’t post stuff such as this one because it may lead to more people asking therefore potential problems to the brand (either they say “yes” to everyone and start losing money, either they say “no” and start losing popularity)

my 2cents here

I’ve had similar gifts from other great brands, for charities, events etc… and they all got their gratitude emails and messages, but nothing in public.

i remember dreamin of throwing a speedmaker as my first that was mighty polite of them. YYJ, you Rock.

@hadoq; I’m kind of torn on this one. I feel like YoyoJam should get a pat on the back for this. The community should know that they’re involved with this kind of thing. On the other hand…are their voice mails and e-mail in-boxes going to be full by Monday morning, or what? ;D

I seriously doubt that “everyone and their cousin” could be able to justify such a donation. It’s not every day that someone goes on a missions trip out of the country.

Congrats to you and YYJ.

Oh, I agree. I just don’t think that will stop people from asking. ;D

That is great,a company that would do that gets my respect. :smiley: