First mod

So tonight I was a little bored so I went out and got some rtv and pulled the o rings from my journey and put a little silicone in there while that’s been drying I also cleaned my bearing and lubed it back up. I also found a pair of perfect fitting sink pipe gaskets I am going to put under the caps when its all said and done to add a little weight to it. Let me know what you guys think!

Kinda neat. I would say the only “mod” part of that would be the gasket, but at least noskillz is gaining some skillz, hehe.

Oh yeah sorry if it was a little misleading I didn’t mean to make it sound mod intensive Haha the only thing I thought of in the sense of modding was the sillicone itself but thanks I thought it turned out alright for it being my first time lol
And no pun intended on the last part right? Hahaha

Eh, no problem. And pun very much intended, hehe. Your first silicone job is not a bad one, there are some who get it into their bearing their first try…that is soo bad.

Haha its all good I love a good pun joke. Yeah I def tried to keep it away from the axle and bearing that’s for sure. Only thing I really had an issue with capping off the tube of rtv I couldn’t fond anything to plug it with so I’m just going to wait for it to cure in the applicator and poke it out with a nail or something.

I just put a little glob in a topical syringe that I have, fill the responce area, and I hardly waste any silicone. Then I just force hot water out of the syringe and wa la…it is clean and no waste. Here is a picture to better explain.

I like the syringe idea! Never thought of that I just took the applicator off which wasted quite a bit since it was full but ill use one next time for sure thanks for that

Look for an oral syringe. They can cost between $2.50 and $2.99 usually. I picked one up at WalGreens for $2.99, but they showed online for $2.50. They had one with a cleaning brush(the one I picked up) and another one that lacked the cleaning brush. I recommend getting the one with the brush because if you use different types of silicone, you can completely clean it out easier, especially the tip. If you’re just using the same stuff, it’s not quite so important. Just run some hot water through it with the plunger a few times and you’re good.

Oral syringe! I couldn’t think of the name of it except for “that thing babies use to take medicine” Haha and you answered my next question on where I would get one because I was up at wal mart a little bit ago but didn’t see any there so I was just going to look online but the drug stores would be much simpler thanks again!

They also sell them at Walmart. There are 2 WalGreens super close to me(and 2 Targets too, like across the street from the walgreens). I would think most places with a pharmacy should have these though.

I get mine at the pharmacy section of wallmart.

Haha that’s super convieniant at least! I have a cvs right down the street from my house so ill try that after work!!!