Butterfly Mod!!!

Well, it’s a start. I’m not done yet, I need to tweek the axle a little. I used the bearing out of my FH2 to test it. I’ll post more once it is done.

If you shmoove and sili recess that, It’ll be insane.
Nice work!

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what axel did you use

For right now its from an old Yomega RB2 that I broke, but I think I’m going to swap it out for a Duncan type. It just doesn’t work that well. It still needs its own bearing too.

are you gonna weight it down too

let us know howe it turns out :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking about putting some weight on it but I don’t think I’m going to use rings. Just not to sure how I’m going to do it yet. I’ll post more when its finished. ;D

Lookin good sir!

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How’d you make the bearing seat?

I would assume that they are Duncan spacers or spacers from a Yomega RB2.

Gonna’ throw some extra weight on the rims?

mrcnja is correct, I used some extra Duncan spacers I had from my FH2, and Mikers, I’m going to try and put some extra weight on it. I’m just trying to think of a different way to do it other than rings.

So again, Nice job. I have a couple questions too. What axle did you use, an did you have to recess it to get the bearing in?

he answerd this already

Its from an old yomega RB2 that he broke…

You know, it would be cool if you made like YYJ style weight rings, out of clay… The only problem is you can bake off the yoyo in the oven with the clay… Or Fiberglass cloth! That would be sick…

Good Job and good luck bro!

Wow, best lookin’ Butterfly I’ve ever seen. Hope it turns out good! You should make a vid of you playing with it after your done. That would be totally awesome!

that looks like a nice yoyo! can’t wait to see how it turns out!

That looks SWEET!!! Please post a tut. once your done, becuase I want to try that with mine! :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing!!! I was going to try fimo polymer clay and see how that works out. I have used it before for the 1/2inch plugs in my ears and its pretty durable, but we will see.

Well, lets see if I can sum this up on how I did it. The big thing you have to watch for is the construction of the butterfly. For some reason (and this is just the guts of the yoyo) there are two different butterflys. I have both, one of them, the plastic around the axle only hugs the axle not give’n you much room to work with. Its the same size as the spacer too. The other has a much larger axle seat and grindng into it is much easier. Now I did all of this freehand w/ a dremel tool so you are going to want to eye up were the spacer is goin to sit. I also traced mine w/ a marker so I knew how far out I was going to cut. A good way to make sure you keep the spacer in one spot before tracing is to put a screw through it and into a peace of wood. After you trace it, get whatever tool you plan on use’n to cut and go to town. The depth all depends on the spacer you plan on use’n. As far as the axle, I’m still working on that so this is as much as I can give you for now, but I hope it helps :wink:

CAN you tell all the mods you did on your butterfly ? plz

Can u give me the steps?