Duncan Butterfly Possible Mods

Hey everyone,
A store in my town carries Duncan butterflies and I would like to know if their are any mods I could do to it.

If its the basic fixed axle one its not worth the effort to mod it.

But, if its one of the new bearing butterflys then you could sticker or silicone recess it and or schmoove it maybe add some big rubber O-rings for weights under the caps. Just some Ideas I have had for those but haven’t modded one yet.

Awesome! I might get one but I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.
Thanks for the ideas!

Actually if you have the right tools (i.e. a lathe) you can put a bearing in the original butterfly. There was a group of guys (the mod squad) at one time who made and sold those.

Yeah I don’t have a lathe but I wish the mod squad still made them. Thanks!

If you’re wanting a bearing in the center, spring for the Butterfly XT. You can mod it by cleaning the grease-packed bearing or swapping it, adding weight(like 12-15 grams) and if you so desire, grind off the starburst response and silicone recess it.

I feel this model should be using spacers AND should be an A-sized bearing though. I definitely prefer C-sized bearings, but I feel this would be a bit more fun if it was an A.