First metal.


I’d only played with plastic yoyos, now i want to try a metal one. I’ve seen the vosun eztrick & ezspin. Has anyone get one?, i like the idea of being open wide and large. All your opinions will be great. Also I`m looking something “cheap” cause is the first one, I’m afraid to make scratch on it or something :s.


I think the Shutter is a good choice!


A MagicYoYo or a Vosun would be fine. Also take a look at the Colussus III or the Kilter 3 on the YYE store.


Al dream
Maybe try the new C3, it’s like the machine or something like that?
I yoyo hidra




really thank you, i would tell you my choose with next salary XD. but i really like colosus 3 paints


Finally i get a magic yoyo n12, and nothing to object about it.