First "High end Meatal"


So I just ordered my first “high end metal”. I got a OD café racer. What can I expect from play in this throw???


Smooth. It can playat just about any speed you want it too.


Interesting choice… It’s one of the few one drops that didn’t strike my interest. Do tell how you like it and how it plays when you get it :slight_smile:


I like my meatals medium.


LOL, medium-rare for me ;D

(M.DeV1) #6


The Café Racer was one of the only OD throws I didn’t like. It plays smoothly for a budget metal, but I guess it just didn’t fit my preferences. The shape was a bit odd, and the it felt a bit on the slower side, based on what I can remember (Although you can push it to go faster)

The axle system works great, but I really feel like this throw could benefit from side effects (I guess any throw could). Oh well, I’m guessing that the leaving out of side effects is one of the corners they had to cut to make the price as low as it is.

Grinds were pretty good, and like I stated earlier, it was dead smooth. The catch zone is pretty large, and makes it easy to land on the string. I’d say that the only reason I didn’t like it was the odd shape, but one of the advantages of the shape is the massive amounts of rim weight, which allows the yoyo to spin longer.

All in all, you’ll probably end up loving it, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. The Café Racer is a nice, simple throw, that gets the job done, and is probably one of the best budget throws around for most, just not for me. :slight_smile:


Big Cat thank you so much for the answers. I will have to let everyone know how I like it once it comes in.


On a serious note, if you happen to like the Cafe Racer but have some problems with it, get a Dietz! Undersized, speedy, and comes ready with the side effects axle system - love mine.