Cafe Racer by One Drop Yoyos



Really, no comments?? =[


lol sorry dude. nice review! very detailed, and i LOVE video reviews!! ;D this will definitely be my next purchase :slight_smile:


nice review just to point out the reasons why you didnt like this throw even though you do but just what you didint like was all becuase of the point of the yoyo its only 60 bucks

which is cheap compared to other one drops because there are no side effects or a 10 ball

although really a 8 ball bearing is 6 bucks a 10 ball is what 8 bucks cmon


i think they should have added the 10 ball bearing, but because the throw only cost $60 i guess the 8 ball is okay.


if you get a Di Base could you do a review on it? i personally think that your reviews are the most detailed


I know right. they so could have thrown a 10 ball in. Its crazy! I think my next throw will either be the Di Base, Yuuksta, Recrev Oscillatrix, Dietz, or the Werrd 4XL


Does anyone know how much the Di Base wieghs without the rings?


no sorry, but I’m picking one up very soon ;D

ps: check your messages