Got my new OD!!!!!


I have to say I really like the Cafe Racer so far. I just got it today and it’s a really fun throw. I got the purple one and think it looks pretty sick wit some orange string. What you guys think???


Oh noes, I dont have a cafe racer! But I’ll be getting my 5th onedrop the cascade and 6th the code 2 soon… How’s it play? It’s one of the very few one drops that haven’t interested me :stuck_out_tongue:


The play is smooth. I changed out the bearing for a konkave. Seems to have a decent speed n is a lol floaty but still really like it a lot.


That looks great! I’ve never had the honor of using a One Drop yoyo, but I’ve heard many good things about them.
I would try out matching the purple yoyo with some yellow string. That’s what I use with all my throws, but I have an orange string on my purple/gold Supernova. :slight_smile:


This is my first one, and love it so far. But it came with a yellow sting but that really wasn’t my style lol


That looks awesome! If I had a purple throw, I would use orange or yellow/neon Green string. I’ve only tried 1 one drop, the Burnside. It was really good.


If you like that wait until you try a dietz, MN, cascade, or code 2 man! I love one drop, they make epic throws, especially their undersized


Too bad the Deitz isnt going to be made any more.


Off topic, but does anyone know why Daniel left OD for Yomega?


I haven’t played with a Cafe Racer yet. I want to get one though. I have played with a Cascade though and I own a Chik. The Chik is a must have!


This is news to me :o OD for yomega… I wouldve never guessed that… Not that I have anything against yomgea, they make great introductory throws and got me started :slight_smile:


Hey! Wretched Rapture wants to swap one halve of his orange cafe racer for one halve of a purple cafe racer! Just sayin…

edit: u already know it… :smiley:


Funny thing is, Markmont was originally with Yomega. So it’s like a swap ;D also, if Dietz’s aren’t going to be made anymore, then I’m sure glad I grabbed the very last Wasteland one.


Yea they messaged me about switching sides lol hit wasn’t sure about it. Has anyone ever traded or bought anything from them???!!!


Their trade counts arent too high :stuck_out_tongue:


They can still make the dietz. Just call it something else. Like what they did with the burnside.


don’t care how i get one but my next purchase will be a dietz. but have a y factor,dang,code1, and a hazmat if you want to consider that one