One Drop CafeRacer

Hey guys! I was looking at the one drop caferacer and was wondering if any of you guys have played it and what your thoughts are on it. Thanks everyone! ???


I take it it’s your first onedrop or you wouldn’t ask ^^

I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible, but onedrop is one of my brand of choice, I own more OD than any other brand

there’s a reason for that: they’re gorgeous, but kinda “girl next door” more than the “model type”

I mean a OD yoyo, it’s the “whole package” that you’re getting, the look, the performance, the feel, it all perfectly fits together.

and while they were good performers to begin with, the performance really did take a huge step up with their Code 1 and their latest releases really bring a new level of performance to the table.

they all come with their C size, 10 balls bearing, which is the most enjoyable of the flat bearings out there.

if you can get a “specific” version, you’ll also end up with a good value over time, but ODs are generally keepers.

I have a sweet spot for their nickel versions, head out to onedrop forums (google) to have the most up to date and sometimes exclusive information on their releases and limited editions. you can also contact their team players directly from there, which is always good if you’re into signature yoyos or just “hanging out with the cool kids” kind of things :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nah, OD is a brilliant brand in general, really pushing the whole community forward and making it so fun and nice to throw in general.
Any of their throw is worth having (tho, I have to say, I don’t really like my dingo to be honest)

ODYY = yoyo porn

PS: for some reason, they also make for very nice looking beaters

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Hey there, I’m Zammy, one of the team members of the Onedropyoyos sponsor team. Your question is interesting as I have been wondering this myself. I will be receiving a bape coloured edition form David Direct to get a firm belief of the throw. However, I do have my speculations on it:

The Caferacer was built to replace the M1. So with that said, it was design to be undersized throw that is meant for everyone. Its built to be mass produced while keeping it cost effective, ego the best “Bang for your buck” if you will.

Now while Duncan has their 40 dollar line of throws, they are able to achieve that price range. But is it “Onedrop” Quality? I think not. This will come with a value bearing but will be completely unresponsive out of the box. Brilliant form of anodization and simplistic laser engravings give it a clean sophisticated look.

From what has been said, it plays like it is rather fast. Its a bit lightweight, around the 63 to 64 gram mark. Due to the idea of its tapped axel system, it retains its base weight. One cannot do side effects, so with that said it is meant to be speedy, to be agile, to be a floater type of yoyo.

I can positively say you should get one, and that you will thoroughly enjoy it. :slight_smile:


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Nah not my first, I had a Dingo, but not exactly performance yoyo and I used fo have a MMN. I tried to get a thunderstorm edition, but just missed it. I love the nickel too, it tarnishes so beautifully. I know what you mean when you say they make good beaters. I hav yhe same views on the company as you do.

Zammy, you are so lucky. The one you have coming is beatiful. I know what you mean. The laser engraving is nice and simple, and the ano is awesome. They should have called it the M2 because its so cheap everyone can have 2! I also love the shape. Very interesting.

Oh yeah and Zammy, you are awesome. Thanks for teaching me moebius! I’ve gotten lots better. I really appreciate all the work you put in to help the community and you are an awesome yoyoer. Thanks for all your help, man. Moebicides forever!!!

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I have a dingo and MMN too (amongst others)

but I think after the code 1, OD’s performance really went up a good notch

Bigcat, I just had the chance to throw the Caferacer all day today to get an interesting feel of it and an opinion. You will have to ingore my earlier saying of what it was because I had thought it was going to be agile and fast. Boy, was I wrong! This thing…is quite an interesting throw!

For it to be an undersized developed throw and to have a base weight of 63 grams…it does not feel that way at all! Its built like it is meant to be full sized, it feels like it could spin forever (mind you not possible with the value bearing). A tiny bit sluggish but overall this is a pretty awesome throw. Its worth the money but mind you, its not meant to be competition based, and if you throw it you will know what I mean.

Thanks for watching my videos by the way. fistbump Keep it real man your awesome too!

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reading you, it sounds like a potential good 5A throw

Wow, thats pretty surprising. I thought it would zoom around, on the verge of out of control. Turns out its a bit sluggish. I gotta get one! I guess I’ll buy a 10 ball with it, I ran out (only got terrapin x’s and AIGR’s). I guess I’ll try 5A with it too, even though Im so unsmooth at it. Now the question: Red Or Blue? I don’t like black and have too much green in my collection.

Now I cant decide between a yoyoexpert edition Dietz, A Bushman Avalanch (or Black rabbit), or a Smokey Lake Sasquatch. I think the sasquatch is best suited for my style, because I love whips and slacks, but i guess you can’t go wrong with any of them. It’s just the Bushman is so rare and the YYE edition Dietz is stunning…

You cant go wrong with anything on that list. I haven’t tried a dietz but all OD’s are brilliant. Avalanche ans squatch are both extremely awesome yoyo’s too. Get what appeals to you most.

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