First Five.....??Thread.

What were your first five yoyos.??.. I think mine are …
1 …Auldey Speed evil from blazing teens…
2 …Auldey Wind breaker from blazing teens…
3 …A auto return yoyo I don’t know company’s name but it says wwe yoyo breaked pretty easily…
4 …Yoyofactory Fast 201…
5 …Yoyofactory Shutter…
You can even tell year and price if you want… If you have less than five than you can post as many you have…

  1. Yomega Fireball
  2. Duncan Imperial
  3. Yomega HyperWarp HeavyWing
  4. YYF ONE
  5. YYF Velocity

I have no idea.

Just remember from where you remember…

1:Duncan Fire Wheel
2:Russell Coke Spinner
3:Yomega Fireball
4:Team Losi Da Bomb
5:Spintastics Tigershark

Still have all but the Fire Wheel.

I ll just start with unresponsive ones
bootleg kickside
bootleg darkmagic
bootleg xcon
yet another bootleg darkmagic
legit speeder
then immediately I quit yoyoing for 7 years
because growing up in China 2000’s totally is a legit thing

Yomega maverick
Stackless grind machine
YYJ legacy 2
C3 Di Base
YYF Shaqulerstar

Yomega Fireball
Duncan Avenger
Yomega Dash
Yomega Maverick

probably something like

  1. duncan butterfly
  2. duncan imperial
  3. yomega fireball
  4. turbo bumble bee
  5. proyo

Yotricks/Peter Fish Dominator
YYF Velocity
Some random Auldey throws for the rest of the 3.

1.yomega brain
2.custom yoyos chain reactor
3.YYF velocity
4.YYf grind machine
5. YYJ speeder

Sheesh, my first throws I got were like back in the late 90’s…i think they were:

  1. Duncan butterfly
  2. proyo Ace
  3. Smallminds Zombie
  4. Henrys Viper
  5. Proyo cold fusion gt

There not too many people that remember those throws. I know there’s a few on here and I’m glad to be one of them. :slight_smile:

  1. Cheap tiny yoyo that’s a little bigger than a Mighty Flea I got in a halloween thing
  2. Time Warner Cable imperial shaped yoyo I got at one of their booths in BestBuy (the electronics shop, not the yoyo shop)
  3. NED yoyo at my school
  4. Insert Miscellaneous yoyos here with no brand
  5. YYF Whip
  1. Health care brand giveaway yoyo
  2. Sage
  3. Yyf dv888
  4. Shu-ta
  5. Diffusion 2
  6. FG CLYW Avalanche

YYJ Dragon Jam
YYJ Legacy
YYJ Speeder
Auldey Virus

No idea what the fifth was, probably Aoda Speed Wind

  1. Duncan butterfly
  2. Duncan Imperial
  3. Duncan butterfly
  4. Duncan butterfly
  5. Duncan proyo
  6. Duncan speedbeatle and Throwmonkey(got at the same time)
  7. Clyw Wooly Marmot
  8. G5, fiesta xx, and a protostar
  9. Arctic circle
  10. Code 2

Great idea for a thread! I don’t remember my actual first 5, that was 10+ years ago. So I’ll say my first 5 throws since I started again 4-5 months ago.

  1. YYF Shutter - Red blasted
  2. YYF CZM8 - Blue w/Pink Splash
  3. SPYY Orbitron 5000 - Light Bronze
  4. SPYY Supra - Champagne Wash
  5. ODxCLYW Summit - Deep Space (traded away)

I’ve only got 5 so I’ll list them in the order I got them:

  1. YYF One
  2. YYF shutter
  3. CLYW chief
  4. YYF genesis with hubstacks (looking to trade)
  5. Zeekio zenith
  1. Wooden [yo2]
  2. Phatyo trick assasin
  3. [yo2] g3 ( im not sure it’s that but its kinda like an hybrid yoyo/spin top
  4. Spintastic tigershark
  5. Yomega fireball

Mine are all from the late 90s, not sure of the exact order.

  1. Original Yomega Brain
  2. Yomega SaberWing Fireball (yeahhh, who remembers SaberWing? LOL)
  3. Yomega SaberWing Brain
  4. Playmaxx Turbo Bumblebee
  5. Custom yoyo AXL

Also was lucky to snatch up a Cold Fusion a while after for cheap. I still have them all too, except for my original bumblebee, but had 3 since. :wink: