first dye

(BB) #1

i dyed my pgm (black w green splash) and velocity (black w green dotz)
each one has had the rims enlarged (i cut into the body to make the rims bigger) minor high wall
the velocity can be seen here,19804.msg200039.html#msg200039
i removed the fast parts and put orings in and put the cap that holds all the parts in back on soo the orings dont fall out and one special oring in for a responce


Can I get different pics. Those are so blurry.

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tey this


It sez I have to log in to see them.
Looks like a link you your account.

(BB) #5

grr this is making me mad

(BB) #6

can you see it know


Nope. You still need a login.

(BB) #8

try now


It worked… Nice first dye!

(BB) #10



There is a thank you button you know, lol.


Awesome job… especcially for your first dye!


epic job for a first dye!
but i have something to say. you have a modding bizz and this is your first dye?

(BB) #14

im starting a mod bizz
i mod the yoyos and sell them
like the mod father and rice rocket
not modding for people if i know u personaly i will mod a yoyo for u
thankz for the intrest

(DanielBG) #15

Awesome! :slight_smile: