UPDATE! Completed painting project

So my bro was doing offstring with a whip,(don’t ask) and he dropped it. Broke the bearing seat and bent the axle. I have been wanting to try yoyo painting for a while, and this seemed like a suitable test subject. So, I started it, and now i’m waiting for the paint to dry before i mask and add a second coat. If someone could teach me how to post images, that’d be great, so i could show you some “before” pics.


UPDATE: The halves are painted now, and now I have to let them cure for a few days before I use them. pics can be found in this album: http://s1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/asovietlocust/

What you do is find and image hosting site, I use photobucket, and upload your image there. You then do this without the italics

[img]Put the image location here[/img]

To post Pictures?

Here you go. :smiley:

Get the file on your pc.

Go toAdditional Options… Located to the bottom left.

Click Attach: Choose your pic.

if getting it off a site. Click;

The insert Image button up top.

Then put the Url of the pic between these things ] [

it should come up like this. :smiley:

I got double-ninja’d while writing this, so if its repetitive sorry:
To insert an image into a post here, first of all you have to have your picture(s) hosted somewhere on the web (a site like photobucket, flickr, even google+). Then, when you create your post, below the italicize button there is a button that says insert image. Click on it and it will bring up this:
Copy the url of a picture you want to post and insert it in between the brackets. Then you should be set to post pictures!
Hope this helps

Haha, i was only ninja’d.

hope our info helps!

Shadowz, way to advertize for YYS…

Grr, I just got ninja’d…

alright, thanks. here are some before pics:

EDIT: links didn’t work, so here’s the link to the album crosses fingers

Oops, didn’t notice that.


It’s a private album.

Yeah, not working.

all right, i think i made it public. here goes nuthin

darn. does this link work? http://s1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/asovietlocust/

It worked

It looks even. Great job!! ;D

lol that’s not painted yet.

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Hey, Soviet, an easier way to post pis is to go on to your hosting site, Right-click the image you want on the thread, click copy image URL, put, ’ around the URL, and save!
boom badda boom.

alright, manofmystery, i’ll try it.

[img width=your# height=your#]http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/asovietlocust/IMG_0952.jpg?t=1339717752[img]

didn’t work


The easiest way is to just copy the image location of the picture, click this, http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/Themes/Expert_Default/images/bbc/img.gif and it will give you this something like this , which you will paste the link in between.

Dude… sorry but you have to put your own nuber for width and height in the places where your# is.
Fixed it for you!


Update! first coat of red and masks are now on, and pics are up here: http://s1048.photobucket.com/albums/s367/asovietlocust/