Hayabusa Painting

This is my first painting and I think it came out good. I just started with a simple sponging method. If I realized how to use toothpics to paint on the caps before I painted it it would have the WTF² logo.

Sorry about facebook but it’s the only place that would let me upload the pic.

It’s not the only place you could have posted them, but oh well. You also could right click on the image and get the direct link to the picture itself and paste that here. Also, I’m not sure if this topic is fine here or if it should be in the YoYo Display case. Oh well.

That looks pretty awesome man. Good job. Keep doin’ yo thang buddy.

Couldn’t have done it better myself, but I would like to see it w/ those wiped caps on it too :wink:

It kept saying the image is too big. I was too lazy to go looking for a hosting sight, and facebook had accepted it.