how do you upload an image onto yoyoexpert?

i was wondering how i could get an image into the forum.
anyone know how?

Well, as has been said a few times here… :wink:

Get an account on imageshack, photobucket, flickr or one of the other image hosting services and upload your pix there, then use the image tags to post the links.


Open Additional Options… when you post and follow the bouncing ball to see how to Attach an image file from your computer.

If you’re in the regular forum, you either have to click and upload as an attachment (button below text box), or if you uploaded the image somewhere you can click the insert image button and then add the URL between the http://and that will appear in the text of your post.

If you’re on the yye app, you need to have the image hosted somewhere, have the URL of the image, click advanced options, then image link, then a popup asking for the image URL will open and you put the URL in that field and click ok.

If you’re on tapatalk you can upload up to 40 images until they cut you off unless you pay 2$ for ‘upgrade’
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Did it work?

it did. OK