Post pictures?

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How do u post pics from the yoyoexpert app?


This is just one way:
You go to the photobucket app, then click on the little “i” on the picture you want. Then click “direct link”. Then get on the app, click the reply button. Click “open advanced options” then click “image URL” paste, then you’re done.
Hope it helped.


Get the Photobucket app. Make an account, press the Upload button and upload your pics to Photobucket. Go to your Albulm and tap a photo you want to upload. You will see, what HE mentioned a letter i In a circle. Press it and tap the IMG code, not the What He Said thing. It will copy it so all you need to do is go to Yoyoexpert and Paste…

  1. Get photobucket account

  2. Get the app (it looks like this when opened

  3. Go to your album (just click ‘my albums’)

  4. Click desired picture

5.Click the ‘i’ (you’ll see this box appear)

  1. Click on the code beside the word ‘IMG’. It will then say “IMG code copied”

  2. Go to YYE app, click reply, paste ‘IMG code’

Then you’re all set to post the pic :slight_smile:


And to upload click the upload button, then they appear I’m the Album section.

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Thank you so much everybody!!! I really appreciate all ur help :smiley: (if only they would put an “attach” picture button -_-



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Heres a testing pic :slight_smile:


Huzza! it worked! have fun postings pics and what-not :slight_smile:

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Haha thankssss :slight_smile: