How do you post a picture?

Not with a link, I mean a direct picture on a thread. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hey hey…

As far as I know you have to “host” the picture on a website like Photobucket or Flickr… Just start a free account with them and then you use the link to the picture from that website (photobucket or flickr) and click “insert image” above …put the link to the picture between the [ img] [/img] and click “post” :wink:

Big Nic… Thanks a lot, I’m sure you know what I’m going to post!

When you post, and type in the window…below there is a link for “Additional Options.” Click that link and the option to browse for the photo will pop up. Click on that, select the photo from your hard drive and…whoala! All from within YoyoExpert, and no need to go to any other site for anything.

The only problem frequently encountered is when the photo file size is too large. Otherwise, it will post directly in the thread, with no link to a photo sharing account.

Happy posting.

Upload your picture on imgur and post the [img][img] code.

No need to make an account. Very easy.,49903.0.html

Here ya go. :slight_smile:

I still don’t know why that guide tells you to use the direct link and manually put in the [img] brackets.

It’s already provided, just a simple copy and paste. It even says, “for forums and boards.”


Thanks everybody!