How do you post pics?


Hi, I’m going to be listing some yoyos in the B/S/T soon and can not figure out how to poost pics. Is there a way to do it without having to put a link? Thanks


There are lots of options. I’ve seen under “Additional options” a place to attach stuff, but I’m not sure how well that works.

What I mainly see people doing is making a YouTube account and then linking to the video. I hate this because a picture saves me time ad I can work at MY pace, not someone else’s pace.

Othewise, people make a PhotoBucket or other free hosting account, or in my case, It toss them on my web server.

Regardless, you’re going to need to make a link. If you’re hosting somewhere, you can copy the image link, then paste it, then highlight it and click the “insert image” button and the web forum software will do the rest. It’s not that hard.


Ok, thanks!


Open a reply window, right under the Message icon there are 3 rows of symbols. In the second row the first one is Insert Flash, The second one is Insert Image. Click on that and it will insert an image tag in your post. The URL of you picture (where it’s hosted at) is inserted between the image tags.

If you don’t have a hosting site you can upload them under Additional Options. Use the Attach window.


I post vids and pics by putting it on a server first too.